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Breaking the cycle that breaks children's hearts...their lives ... and their spirit.

Our Values
Loving children, treating them with kindness, compassion and respect, nurturing their development, creating and maintaining their self-esteem, creating a safe and non-violent world for them to live in … reinforcing positive parenting and loving, healthy families. Advocating that all children should be valued and have rights.

Our Vision
Focusing on the attitudes and behaviors that need to be changed – promoting healthy and happy children and strengthened families through the support of our nation’s communities.

Social Change
A movement for social change and building on strengths to effect change. We are a call to action to change the delivery of human services and the improvement of access to resources for parents, child caregivers and all children.

To be more effective, Love Our Children USA partners with local and national unions —communities, schools, agencies, faith communities, corporations, policymakers and youth themselves to ensure that all children grow up healthy, nurtured, safe and loved.

Violence is a learned behavior which is observed and learned in the home. And while child violence is closely linked to domestic violence, it is also related to social violence. However, these behaviors can be unlearned.

By preventing violence against children, these efforts will reduce domestic and social violence.

Programs emphasize the prevention of violence rather than treatment of its symptoms, largely because prevention measures are proven to be more cost effective.

Informing and Communicating
Love Our Children USA researches, collects and proactively utilizes information to generate positive change for children. Informing the public with up-to-date, accurate information on protection and prevention. Love Our Children USA communicates information and strategies to reach parents, children, lawmakers, citizens, business, media and community leaders — raising awareness of the issue …creating knowledge and prevention strategies.

Love Our Children USA - the "Voices" to work and advocate on behalf of children and youth. We offer public awareness and education strategies, foster advocacy leadership and create awareness-driven messages and best practices. Being a voice for children and youth by speaking on their behalf, bringing the issue of violence against children to the media, communities, and legislature.


Empowering community members from across America to become leaders in ending the cycle that continues to victimize our children.

Developing community-based support and response prevention networks.

We work with children, families, law enforcement, and communities. As the national grassroots leader in our field we turn awareness into action for the over 3 million children who are abused each year, and for the almost 1.8 million children who are abducted each year … giving them a chance to be safe, loved and nurtured. We are getting to the root causes which will stop child victimization before it starts.

Children count on our Youth For Youth Partnership as a safe haven. Families, schools, and communities count on Love Our Children USA for information, resources, and help.

Zero tolerance

Childhood Development
Promoting strategies to insure children a healthy start.

Why Love Our Children USA

Each year over 3 million children are victims of violence. That violence is in the forms of physical and sexual, verbal and emotional, neglect, abandonment, and death - and those are only the ones that were reported! Each year almost 1.8 million children are reported missing - many of them abducted from their own homes and front yards. In the USA, Children are more apt to die from violence than from accidents. Child violence permanently disables 18,000 children and youth every year and seriously injures 565,000. Sadly, child violence kills more than 3 children every day in America.1

Love Our Children USA is different from other children's protection groups because we fill a critical gap in protection and prevention resources and the lack of concentrated parenting education and public information filling a critical need and urgency for a new and aggressive approach.

              We can stop the violence before it starts because ...
                                      it is completely preventable!

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1 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Children's Bureau. National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) Summary of Key Findings from Calendar Year 2000 (Washington, D.C.: April 2002).

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