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.Cell Phone And Text Messaging Safety

Are You a Potential Victim of Cell Phone Danger?

Who is text messaging you? If your friends, family and parents are the only ones sending you text messages --- than that’s cool!  They should be the only people who are texting you!

To be safe, you should not give anyone but your close friends and family your cell number.  Do not give out personal identifiable information, such as real full name, addresses, phone numbers, photos, descriptive information from which this information could easily be found (like a picture of you in front of a recognizable place, or a photo referring to your sports team by name or by wearing something with identifying information in a photo.)

If you text message people other than your family and close friends, you could be texting people who can cause you harm.

And, it's not uncommon for bullies to use cell phones to harass other kids and, tragically, it's not unheard of for kids to be contacted on their cell phone by adult predators.

You wouldn't text a stranger and give them all of your information and let them know what school you go to -- would you?

By using common sense and maintaining your privacy when using your cell phone and text messaging you stay safe from online predators and cyber bullies.

What To Do If Strangers Or Bullies Text You?

REPORT IT immediately! To your parents, a trusted teacher and the police!

No one has the right to bully you! And no stranger has the right to text you!

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