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Meet Love Our Children USA
National Youth Ambassador
 Krysten Moore

Born and raised in New Jersey, Krysten Moore is a 20 year old sophomore at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, pursuing a career in computer and electrical engineering. 

Listed in the 2004/2005 Who’s Who among American High School Students, she was featured as one of New Jersey’s 2008 Super Teens by Next Step Magazine.

Through Krysten’s middle school experience, she was bullied by two boys who first decided to use their words as weapons against her. The school cafeteria became a battlefield as horrific remarks like "Krysten wants MOORE food" and “Move it whale” were shot her way; then lockers soon became landing pads as she was shoved in the hall.  Their words stung as if she was the recipient of a left hook to the right eye. At the age of eleven, Krysten realized the power of vocabulary… be it positive or negative.

As if school bullying wasn't enough to terrify Krysten, her middle school bullies took it to the next level and became inescapable when they moved beyond the school grounds to the privacy of her own home. The attacks that had once subsided with the ringing of the final bell at 3:00 pm suddenly turned into people posing online as a boy who liked her, only to make fun of our conversation the next day in school.  Websites were created posting false and crude remarks about Krysten, slowly diminishing her confidence.

Determined to take a stand, Krysten adopted some very powerful words of her own -- not intended to cause harm  -- but rather to inspire.  As Miss South Jersey, and the Youth Ambassador for Love Our Children USA and STOMP Out Bullying Krysten have visited numerous elementary and middle schools speaking first hand about the negative effects of bullying. 

In her junior year of high school (2006-2007), she founded SHINE, (Students Helping Instill New Esteem) an in school program allowing other students to join her in educating children as young as kindergarten. In 2007 SHINE was chosen as one of the top 100 new organizations by the Case Foundation.  Its goal is to impart on children the same importance to be considerate and respectful as we do for them to be great athletes.  Encouraging the understanding and acceptance of each others differences is the first step towards changing negative behaviors. 

On behalf of Love Our Children USA, Krysten was been a guest speaker at the 2007 Third Annual New York State Cyber Security Awareness Conference in Albany, NY, a guest on The Rachael Ray Show in April 2008, and in March, 2010 she appeared on the CBS Early Show with Love Our Children USA’s founder and chief executive officer. She also was a guest speaker at the 2008 Second Annual Junior League of Bergen County StarPower event.  

Krysten believes that with one small gesture we can change a person’s life……whether it’s changed for better or for worse depends on the behavior we choose.

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