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September, 2007

Love Our Children USA Receives Honors

Love Our Children USA has been honored as "One of 25 World Champion Charities Who Make Our Home A Better Place To Live" by Window View Publications, as well as the New York Regional Winner of "Charities Who Make The World A Better Place" by Rezoom, the online baby boomers magazine.

Nine years-old, on November 1, 2007, the organization is a voice for over 3 million children in our country who are victims of violence and neglect, for almost 1.8 million who are abducted, for almost 600,000 in foster care and for the 1 out of 7 children who are approached daily by online predators.

As the leading national nonprofit that honors, respects and protects children, the organization has been responsible for saving four teens from suicide, getting several kids and their families into counseling , rescuing a teen from an Internet pedophile, helped several kids resolve bullying problems and provided thousands of parents with information and resources. These are just a handful of their accomplishments.

Ross Ellis, Love Our Children USA founder and chief executive officer said “We are honored to have been selected with these other hard-working charities. Unlike most others, we don’t cure, treat or heal. Our cause does not tug at heartstrings because our issue is one that many simply don’t understand …because after all, who would harm children? In two words – we prevent. And that takes our commitment and passion, as well as many dollars -- if not more, so we can stop the violence and neglect BEFORE it ever starts.”

Love Our Children USA gratfully accepts these honors.




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