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September 8, 2006 NEW YORK , NY , (NAMC) -  Love Our Children USA today announced their partnership in support of The Redlight Children campaign.

The Redlight Children campaign launches on Friday, September 8, 2006 at the United Nations and is a worldwide grassroots human rights initiative promoting awareness and practical action to reduce the number of sexually exploited children.  The campaign focuses on decreasing the demand for any form of child sexploitation by promoting more efficient legislation and stronger enforcement.  While the campaign is global to match the worldwide epidemic, the legislation is localized by country. 

Love Our Children USA has promoted ending child trafficking, child pornography and pedophilia since its inception almost 8 years ago.

Ross Ellis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Love Our Children USA said “It’s not just pedophiles who are hurting our children, but it's child pornographers and child sex traffickers -- and they're getting rich at the expense of our children and costing children their precious childhoods.”

It’s a fast growing business. You may think that your children don’t go on these sites and maybe not … but these child pornographers our finding our children on social networking sites and through their web cams. They are exploiting our children and using them for sex trafficking…not just in the U.S. , but all over the world.

Ellis asks “If we don’t fight for our children … who will?”

Every day children are kidnapped or stolen or forced into the global, multi-billion dollar sex industry. Interpol estimates that this trafficking of children and young women is the third largest international criminal activity.

According to UNICEF, an estimated 2 million children, the majority of them girls, are sexually exploited in the multibillion dollar commercial sex industry. And, an estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked each year.

Around the world between 50 and 60 percent of the children who are trafficked into sexual slavery are under age 16. Its scope is shocking.

This is everyone’s problem. The Redlight Children Campaign is a very small step towards educating people like you and enabling active opposition. And the next step is action.

Love Our Children USA is proud to join in support of the Redlight Children Campaign and hopes that other child abuse prevention organizations will do the same.




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