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April marks the 24th anniversary of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time dedicated to child abuse education, awareness and prevention activities. To observe National Child Abuse Prevention month, Love Our Children USA, begins its fourth annual GET BLUE campaign – a national effort to educate and raise awareness for Child Abuse Prevention.

The "Blue Ribbon" is the symbol for child abuse prevention. Love Our Children USA urges every person across the country to GET BLUE. By wearing a Blue Ribbon pin or Love Our Children USA’s Break The Cycle Blue Silicone Bracelet during April and throughout the year, we can educate families, children, neighbors, organizations and communities on how to prevent child abuse and neglect -- encourage community and individual involvement in recognizing and preventing child abuse and neglect – assist families in achieving healthy parenting practices through education and resources and empower individuals to report child victimization and intervene in situations where violence and neglect harm children.

According to Love Our Children USA Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ross Ellis “Child abuse has reached epidemic proportions and the unnecessary tragedies we’ve seen in the last year calls for educating the public immediately and often.” Reports of child abuse nationwide have increased by 30-percent in the last 10-years. If the country thinks child abuse isn't a problem, they need to think again. M ore than 3 million children are victims of child abuse each year and almost 1.8 million children are reported missing each year, many of whom are abducted from their homes and front yards. T hose are only the ones that are reported.

We can no longer overlook America’s children who are at risk and peril every day. Since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, children are at even greater risk in times of stress, loss and overwhelm. “It is of critical importance that we educate the American public and raise a greater awareness to break the cycle of violence against children – before it starts,” says Ellis.

In efforts to raise funds to increase awareness to keep America’s children safe, Love Our Children USA has initiated the Change For Children Campaign which coincides with The GET BLUE Campaign. The Change For Children Campaign asks for people to collect their spare change and turn it into dollar donations for Love Our Children USA. The goal is to obtain $25,000 week in spare change - turned into dollar donations.

Celebrities and the entertainment industry, as well as corporations have joined Love Our Children USA’s efforts to GET BLUE and break the cycle. Many already wear Blue Ribbon pins and Love Our Children USA’s Break The Cycle Blue Ribbon Awareness Bracelet which can be purchased through Love Our Children USA.

Ross Ellis said “A child's voice is small, ignored and unheard. We must raise the volume so that everyone hears their message. Imagine if everyone in the country wore a Blue Ribbon -- if every community, business, school, faith organization, hospital and home displayed a Blue Ribbon -- we could make such an impact in raising awareness to break the cycle that breaks children's hearts ... their lives ... and their spirit.”

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is not only a timely opportunity to remind ourselves of our collective responsibility to protect America’s children and strengthen America’s families, but it is time to accelerate education and awareness of this very public epidemic and make our children a priority NOW. The country, our communities, concerned citizens, and even youth must work together to break the cycle.

What You Can Do to Help

Our success in breaking the cycle of violence against children is due in large part to our supporters. We continue to fight the good fight for America ’s children and it's a fight we can win – together.

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We're Committed to Stopping Violence Against Children Before it Starts!

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