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They’re Angels!

MARCH 13 th, NEW YORK — Love Our Children USA announced today that angels really do exist – Arthel Neville, Montel Williams and the Charming Shoppes who have so generously helped the Kids of Katrina Fund established by Love Our Children USA.

On March 10 th, veteran journalist and television personality, Arthel Neville native of New Orleans , Louisiana and daughter of music legend Art Neville, and niece of Aaron Neville, both of the Grammy Award-winning Neville Brothers co-hosted the Montel Williams Show.

On the show, Arthel talked about Arthel’s Angels, the web site she created to provide information and easy access to established charities that will effectively get donations to relief efforts and specific causes to help heal and rebuild the people, businesses, and cities that were deeply affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Arthel was stunned when Montel Williams presented her with a $25,000.00 check that the Charming Shoppes donated to Love Our Children USA, one of Arthel’s Angels.

Seven months ago Love Our Children USA established the Kids of Katrina Fund to offer direct financial assistance to the children affected by Hurricane Katrina. Shortly thereafter the organization was selected as one of Arthel’s Angels.

Ross Ellis, Chief Executive Officer of Love Our Children USA said “we are proud and honored to have been selected as one of Arthel's Angels. Additionally, the organization is delighted to add Arthel Neville to its prestigious Celebrity Board of Governors.”

Love Our Children USA’s Kids of Katrina Fund provides direct assistance to the children affected by Hurricane Katrina for urgent and unmet needs.

Ellis added “with over 500,000 children affected by Hurricane Katrina, Love Our Children USA will be able to help many more of Katrina's Kids thanks to this very generous donation. We are so grateful to Arthel, Montel who facilitated the donation and the Charming Shoppes. They are truly angels!”

To learn more about Love Our Children USA and the Kids of Katrina Fund, and to make donations, please visit or call 1.888.347.KIDS.


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