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The second annual National Love Our Children Day celebrates America ’s children on Saturday, April 2, 2005, as proclaimed by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

National Love Our Children Day is like Mother's and Father's Day for children and will be celebrated annually across the  U.S.  to honor children and strengthen families and raise awareness for efforts to protect children.

This day was created to acknowledge the value of children and to give them a healthy start by growing up to be healthy, happy and responsible adults. By giving children the three essential elements which are love, protection and respect, we give our children the confidence they need to become strong and fit adults.

Last year, the first annual National Love Our Children Day was recognized with a proclamation from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a letter of support from New York State Governor George Pataki.

To kickoff our first year's celebration, Tom Bergeron host of America's Funniest Home Videos and Hollywood Squares introduced the special day on ABC's 'The View' to talk about the event.

We urge all Americans to take time to honor children on April 2, 2005 and each year on the first Saturday of April! This national celebration is an initiative of Love Our Children USA, a not-for-profit children’s advocacy organization.

Whether you are a parent or not, children touch your heart in some way. We all have children in our lives, whether it's a son or daughter, relative, friend or neighbor's child. What greater purpose does a person have than to help protect respect, honor and celebrate a child? What is more powerful than the realization that a child needs my love?

Spend the day with the children and teens in your life! Shower them with special attention. Take them to a movie, game, fair, circus, concert, shopping or out to lunch. Do something special together or buy them something they’ve been wanting for a long time — just because you love them!

By honoring, respecting and protecting children and celebrating the loving relationship we all should have with them, we can keep them safe and protected and stop the cycle that continues to victimize them in so many ways.

Reinforcing values of treating children with kindness and respect, nurturing their development, maintaining their self-esteem, creating a safe, non-violent world in which they can live, and reinforcing loving, healthy families to give all children a healthy start.

Focusing on the attitudes and behaviors that need to be changed – promoting healthy and happy children and strengthened families through the support of our nation’s communities.

America ’s children have been left in the shadows for too long. We celebrate them now and forever!

Whatever you choose to do with your children on Love Our Children Day, make it a special day! Celebrate together! Children are our treasures!


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