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Love Our Children USA Praises New Teen Drama “Palmetto Pointe” For Taking on Child Abuse and Other Hard Hitting Issues Facing Post-High School Teens

Series Premiere, this Sunday, August 28th, introduces viewers to six friends and their story of friendship, home, dreams, love and the tough real life issues facing young adults today

NEW YORK, NY- -- (ArriveNet - Aug 24, 2005) -- Love Our Children USA praises “Palmetto Pointe,” one of the most talked about teen drama series to hit primetime television this season, for taking on child abuse, dating violence and other hard hitting issues that today’s young adults must deal with.

This brand new series is bold enough to tackle even the most serious issues facing young adults today, including child abuse, alcoholism and date rape. The new hour-long drama deals with child abuse in its series premiere on I Independent Television (formerly Pax-TV), Sunday, August 28th, at 8 p.m.

“It is time for the public to pay attention to these serious yet very preventable issues that plague our young adults today,” said Ross Ellis, founder and chief executive officer of Love Our Children USA, a national nonprofit dedicated to breaking the cycle of violence against children through education and awareness.

“‘Palmetto Pointe’ is all about being real – real about both the good and the bad in life today,” said show producer and lead actor Tim Woodward, Jr. “We won’t shy away from bringing these issues to the forefront and educating young adults.” Ellis said, “By bringing the issue to the forefront through entertainment and media, we can educate the public and stop violence against children before it starts. Not only can we stop the violence before it starts, but we can create better parents for the future. Offering a choice to continue or not continue the cycle as their parents have done is critical, as is choosing to treat dates with respect rather than violence. Breaking the cycle of violence is usually learned at home. The good news is – violence and abuse can be unlearned.”

“Child violence and abuse affects over 3 million children each year, and those are just the ones that are actually reported. This violence against children has reached epidemic proportions and its affects are beyond measure. It is our responsibility to stand united to educate and increase awareness of this cycle of violence, and prevent violence against children in all of its forms,” said Ellis.

Love Our Children USA salutes Palmetto Pointe and Sky Entertainment Group for promoting issues and attitudes that need to be changed and for being an extension of our voice because getting the message out to the public is imperative.

About Love Our Children USA:

Love Our Children USA is the leading national nonprofit organization that honors, respects and protects children. As a voice for children it celebrates them and the loving relationships we should have with them.
Its mission is to break the cycle of violence against children. It works to enable child success by eliminating behaviors that keep children from reaching their potential. It redefines parenting by promoting positive changes in parenting and family attitudes, along with behaviors and prevention strategies through public education campaigns. Love Our Children USA works to empower and support children, teens, parents and families through information, resources, advocacy and online youth mentoring. Its message is positive and one of prevention and hope.

Visit their web site at or call 1.888.347.KIDS for more information.

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