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The Nurturing Parent Magazine

The online parenting magazine presented by Love Our Children USA

"We could educate the public about how children fail when they are victims of violence ... but we would rather educate the public about how children thrive and succeed when they are loved and nurtured."

- Ross Ellis
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Love Our Children USA

Issue IV
July, 2007 - October, 2007

The Top Five Secrets for Raising a Happy Baby

Issue lll
March 2007 - June 2007

Nurturing Your Baby With Massage

Issue II
May - August 2006

Mother's Day ...Saluting Mothers Who Make A Difference

My Gold Medalist

Issue I     
February - April 2006

Welcome to the premiere issue of The Nurturing Parent Magazine, an online initiative of Love Our Children USA. The Nurturing Parent is for parents who want to learn better parenting skills ... for parents who want to bring up happy and healthy children ... for parents who want to be the best parents they can be.

Each issue will feature information, how-to's and expert advice from selected expert and celebrity parents. We hope you will find this information helpful in your daily parenting life.


Role Mommy

A Mom's Opinion

Breaking The Cycle ... Helping Teens
Make Smart Choices, So They Don't Become
Teen Parents

Catch Your Children Being Good

The Parent Mentor Overflow

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