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     ONE MILLION VOICES ... It Starts With All Of Us!

      Victims No More!

       "A Hundred Years From Now It Will Not Matter What My Bank Account Was, The
       Sort Of House I Lived In, Or The Kind Of Car I Drove...But The World May Be
       Different Because I Was Important In The Life Of A Child." — Forest Whitcraft

Help us stop the cycle of violence against children
at home and at school!

By dispersing a clear and strong message and educating the public we can break the cycle of violence against children... before it starts!

Be Informed ... Be Involved ...
Be The Difference in a Child's Life!

Please Add Your Name and Your Dollar ...
Be One of A Million Voices!

Once this petition has reached one million names it will be sent to Congress and to the President.

Tell Congress and the President that we can no longer allow children to be victims!

Tell them Children must have rights ... not the adults who harm them!

Tell your friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers too! Spread the Word!

Your donation of $1.00 or more will add your name to the petition and help us to break the cycle of violence against children!

Click here to add your name to the petition and put One Million Voices in the Subject Line

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Or you can mail your name and donation:
Make your check or money order payable to:  Love Our Children USA
and mail to our mailing address at:  

Love Our Children USA
220 East 57th Street
9th Floor - Suite G
New York, NY 10022

And ... don't forget to include your name and your city and state to be added to the petition!                                                                                      

Your donation of $1.00 or more will allow us to print and mail educational materials to break the cycle that of violence against children.

  Thank You For Your Donation and Being One Of A               Million Voices!


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