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Breaking the Cycle of violence against children! Dream ... of a world where all children are safe, nurtured, and loved! Imagine ...a world where children's voices are not small, ignored and unheard. Listen we raise the volume together, so that everyone hears their message. Join us in enabling child success by eliminating behaviors that keep children from reaching their potential

Children are the most precious gift we can ever receive. And with that gift comes a responsibility to love, nurture, and protect them — ensuring them a happy, healthy life.

Child violence is a serious and overwhelming problem in today’s society – with serious ramifications, which too often shape an abused child into an adult with lifelong issues.

Each year over 3 million children are victimized and neglected, and those are ONLY the ones that are reported … each year almost 1.8 million children are reported missing — many of them abducted from their own homes and front yards. Child abuse kills more than 3 children every day in the U.S.

People feel bad when they hear about a child being harmed and neglected … for the moment … and then they forget about it. Taking no action. They feel helpless and think they can’t do anything to help. It's frustrating and it’s ugly — in fact it’s the ugliest thing in the world ... yet — there is hope!

By creating public education and awareness every one of us will be given the knowledge and skills to take action … giving kids a chance … helping them in a more immediate and direct way — without abandoning them to an inhumane and ineffective “system.” But this is only the first crucial step.

By dispersing a strong message about child safety — by changing social attitudes and behaviors for the way we live today ... millions of children can be saved and lead productive lives.

As a country we wonder why children are in trouble, and in reality it’s our fault. Parenting education is offered only after parents have failed - children are placed in foster homes only after they are hurt - this is just temporary relief.

For those who need treatment, we must help them before they are hurt and help parents before they fail.

We're creating private national and local initiatives - a union of new partners. The union includes families, communities, civic and religious organizations, policy-makers, organizations, businesses, the corporate sector, youth groups, and the public at large. If we all work together, we can create remarkable changes in attitude and behavior - and the way our country currently offer services to protect children and strengthen families.

This union calls for a new approach - new resources, collaborations with Love Our Children USA — and a long-term commitment to be socially responsible and change our culture. Love Our Children USA is committed to achieving this goal.

Violence against children has reached epidemic proportions and its affects are beyond measure. It is our responsibility to stand united and make the commitment to educate and increase awareness in breaking the cycle of violence and to prevent children from being harmed.

You will find a great deal of information throughout our Web site that will help you, or someone you know. Most of all, it will empower and help you to help America’s kids.

Rather than be part of the problem, we urge you to become part of the solution to PROTECTING AMERICA'S CHILDREN and STRENGTHENING AMERICA'S FAMILIES. Your courage and commitment will help increase public education and awareness and advocacy.

Feel free to explore our Web site for information, resources and hope! If you’re a parent, a childcare giver, a kid, a teenager, or just someone who wants a safe and loving world for children, you’ll find this information useful.

Because we are an independant nonprofit organization and do not accept government funding, any donation you can possibly make would be so greatly appreciated.

We’re resolved and committed to breaking the cycle of violence against all children. Please join us in making this the beginning of the Age of the Child™ … from now … to eternity!

Together, we can make the dream a reality … hear their voices ...hear their message... and be the difference for children!

Ross Ellis

Chief Executive Officer




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