Creating a Cycle of Love

Continuing the Cycle of Love and Nurturing ...

When a child pushes a parent’s buttons or misbehaves, sometimes all a parent can do is to lose their temper or speak harshly to their child. And sometimes …a parent treats their child the way they were treated …with anger and violence – continuing the cycle.

Today, parents are more sophisticated than they were 20 or 30 years ago. And they’re busier and overwhelmed.

Continuing the cycle of how our parents treated us when we were children isn’t necessarily positive parenting. That doesn’t always mean our parents were bad parents –it might mean they were continuing the cycle of how they were treated.

It’s time to break the cycle today! Whether you’re a parent who is over-whelmed or one who is continuing the cycle … think back to your childhood. How were you treated?

Did you live in a loving home? Or did you live in an angry and violent home?

If you lived in a loving home, then you will want to continue that cycle with your children.

If you lived in an angry and violent home, you remember what growing up was like. It was sad, lonely and frightening.

Is that the kind of home you want your child to grow up in?

By loving and nurturing your children and treating them with kindness, respect and understanding, you are ending an old cycle and beginning a new one.

You CAN stop the violence, anger and neglect BEFORE it ever starts!

Take a deep breath, count to ten, seek help through anger management and parenting classes or consult with a psychologist.

The caring, compassion, love and respect you show your children will make such a difference in your relationship with your children and you -- and your entire family.

Children understand positive behaviors.

Become a parent who loves and nurtures your child enough to grow up to become a happy and healthy adult who continues that cycle!

What a wonderful gift to give your children ... and their children, and theirs, and theirs, and theirs ... etc!

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