FIGHT BACK! Kids Safety Survival Skills

Fight Back kids Safety Survival Skills
For Kids and Teens



Hey kids, have you ever been separated from your mom or dad? Way scary, right? That's just how your mom and dad feel when you're missing! 

Has a stranger ever tried to get you into their car or grabbed you? That's the ultimate scare!

You think it's no big deal when you wander away from your parents in the store or when you don't tell your parents where you're going to be … right?

Wrong! Your mom and dad are so scared when they can't find you!

When you wander off or you're just hanging out with your friends you eventually come back and everything is cool!

It's not always like that when you get into a stranger's car or let them take you somewhere …that's a bigger deal!

Some kids don't come back because they've been abducted. Being abducted means someone has taken you away against your will. When you're abducted people do bad things to you, or tell you to do things to them that don't feel right or good to you.

Do you even know what an abductor looks like? Can you see them in the street or pick them out of a crowd?

Kidnappers don't look any different than you and me. They don't act differently. It's not easy to know if you're near a kidnapper.

A kidnapper will want to be your friend. They might offer you candy or presents. They might tell you that they want you to help them find their lost puppy. They might tell you that your mom or dad was in an accident and they're there to take you to your mom or dad.

Remember one thing … they can hurt you! 

Never take rides candy gifts or money from strangers. It's okay to say NO THANK YOU! 


If you don't know them … don't go!


If they try to grab you, scream real loud and run away as fast as you can. Kick, bite, punch, elbow …do whatever you have to do to get away.

Some kidnappers will dress up in a fake uniform and have a fake badge like policemen or guards. If someone important like that comes up to you and says you've done something bad and you have to go with them … follow your heart. Stay calm and remember it's a trick! 

Remember that a kidnapper can only hurt you if they can take you away somewhere. The best way to do that is in a car … so don't go near or get into the car. 

If you are walking and a car pulls up next to you and you can't hear what the person inside is saying … It doesn't matter what they are saying, BACK UP and RUN AWAY. Run toward the back of the car. That makes it hard for the driver to chase you. 


If you don't see a police officer anywhere, find a store, or a place where there are a lot of people and get help.

If you are taken away, your abductor will probably tell you your parents didn't want you anymore. Never ever believe that. It's not true!

Before you go anywhere, always check first with your parents or the person in charge. Tell them where you are, how you'll get there, who will be going with you and, when you'll be back.

Check for permission from your parents before getting into a car, or leaving with anyone … even if it's someone you know. Check first before changing plans or accepting money, or gifts without your parents' knowledge. 

Say NO if someone tries to touch you in ways that make frighten you, confuse you, or make you feel uncomfortable. Then go and tell a grown-up who you trust what happened.

It is never your fault if someone touches you in a way that is not O.K. You don't ever have to keep secrets about those touches.

Always trust your feelings and talk to grown-ups about problems that are too big for you to handle on your own. There are a lot of people care who about you, and they'll listen and believe you. You're not alone. 

It is never too late to ask for help. Keep asking until you get the help you need. You are so special and you deserve to feel safe. 

Luckily, most kids who are abducted are returned home safely. Child abduction is 
rare, but remember to always think and use common sense in every situation.

Fight Back Kids Art™ Created Exclusively For Love Our Children USA
by J. Ira Monroe, bwana art studio

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