Kid's Self Esteem

Kid's Self Esteem

Self-esteem isn't something you can see, or touch, or hear -- but it's there and it's yours! You own it … it's the way you feel about yourself, the way you talk about yourself, the way you see yourself.

Self means you. Esteem means respect. Together -- self esteems means how much you think of yourself, how good you feel about your accomplishments and the way you look – how much you like yourself.

We all have to have self-esteem -- it's important. By having good self-esteem, it helps you feel proud of yourself, your accomplishments and talents. Self-esteem is courage -- it lets you believe in yourself! When you believe in yourself, you respect yourself -- and others will believe in you and respect you too!

Good self-esteem allows you to make good choices ... choices that can affect your entire life.

They don’t sell self-esteem in stores. Your parents should help you build good self-esteem from the time you are born. They encourage you with positive words and actions. They show you love and acceptance. If your parents have good self-esteem – you probably will have good self-esteem too. If they don't have good self-esteem -- you might have to work harder at getting it and keeping it.

As you get older ... there are many others in your life to help you develop good self-esteem. Teachers, coaches, friends, and classmates. By being positive role models for you, encouraging you to learn things and cheering you on, they can help you to see your good qualities. And, if something doesn't go right, they believe in you and help you. These are the people in your life who will help you develop good self-esteem -- allowing you to feel good about yourself -- proud of yourself.

Do you or does someone you know have low self-esteem? Do you think badly of yourself? Do you know someone who criticizes himself too much? 

If your parents don't offer encouragement, if there's a lot of yelling at home, if a teacher makes you feel stupid, or a kid at school is mean to you ... all of these things can affect your self-esteem. If you have to work harder in school because you're grades aren't as good as your classmate's, if you didn’t make the cheerleading squad or the team and your friends did -- this can make you feel bad and put a dent in your self-esteem.

No matter what -- it is important for you to have good self-esteem. If you think you have low self-esteem talk to your parents or a counselor at school. 

If you are being abused and someone is telling you that you are bad, ugly, or stupid – don’t listen to them – don’t believe them. Adults who have low self-esteem can try to make you feel the same way. Talk to an adult you trust who believes in you. 

Tell yourself you are good, attractive and smart. Repeat it to yourself over and over again. Believe it!

  • Remember your body is your own, no matter what shape, size, or color
  • Remember that there are certain things about yourself you can't change. Accept and love these things about yourself. 
  • When you hear negative comments coming from adults or that voice inside you -- mentally tell yourself to stop. The critical voice inside you will lose its power. 
  • Give yourself FIVE compliments every day. Be specific about good things you like about yourself! Tell yourself you played better on the team than you thought you would, or that you scored better on your test than you thought you would, or that you were nice to your next door neighbor. By doing this everyday, you will feel good   about yourself. 
  • Think positive – believe positive!

Were your parents, and other people around you, perfect when you were growing up? No -- because no one is perfect! 

There is nothing you can do can change that -- or the way you grew up. Even if you could change past times or another person, that wouldn’t change the way you feel about yourself. The only thing you can do to change your feeling of self-worth is to change what is in your mind!

There is only one area where you have power and that is YOU! You can choose to use that power to change your feelings of self-worth by changing … The way you perceive things and the way you act.

If you believe that you’re worthwhile and valuable, (and you should) the only approval you’ll ever need is the approval that comes from inside you -- not from others. Learn to trust yourself!

A lot of times low self-esteem comes from listening to critical voices from the past. Try positive, new thoughts that can replace negative thoughts, giving you a more positive picture of you.

Your past and how you view it creates your self esteem. Your past is how, where and with whom you grew up. That past colors your thought patterns, feelings, attitudes, and values.

No single event or person can shape your self-esteem. Your perception of your history determines the way you see yourself now -- and always.

Develop positive feelings and self-worth -- Figure out what changes you want in your life. These changes can be in relationships, at school, your social life, your feelings, your attitudes, etc. Choose changes YOU want, not what someone else thinks you should change.

Approve of Yourself! When you approve of your actions, your feelings, and your thoughts, you build healthy self-esteem that no one can take away from you. When you seek approval from others, you lose control over your good feelings. Give yourself a hug, a pat on the back, and a gold star!

Keeping a journal is a great way to see your experiences and you relate to them. Write what makes you feel positive and what makes you feel negative. After a week or two, review the journal. Tell a supportive friend or relative about your achievements. Let them know you don’t want or need their approval or disapproval – you just want them to listen.

Notice how good you feel when you say positive things about yourself. A good reason for keeping a journal is review your achievements. This creates self-encouragement.

Low self-esteem, is being unrealistic and being a perfectionist. Believe you’re good enough -- you’re deserving -- you’re capable -- you are lovable! Believe in yourself --- Love yourself!

You can do anything! You can be anything!

You are awesome!

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