Krysten Moore Miss Teen New Jersey International 2007

Krysten Moore, Miss 2007 New Jersey Teen
International Bullying Prevention Spokesperson
For Love Our Children USA


Love Our Children USA is proud to announce that Krysten Moore, 2007 Miss New Jersey Teen International, has joined the organization as a spokesperson for bullying and cyberbullying prevention.

Krysten is a 17 year old honor student at Immaculate Heart Academy and was recently crowned 2007 Miss Teen New Jersey International.  Actively involved in her community, she is a Bullying Prevention spokesperson for Love Our Children USA and volunteers at a local hospital, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, Sr. Pat's Camp for Cancer, as a School Ambassador and member of Church Youth Group; completing over 3,000 hours of community service in the past 4 years.  She also enjoys modeling, volleyball and horseback riding.  

Determined to take a stand against childhood and teen bullying, Krysten's immediate goal is to visit local schools and speak first hand about the affects of bullying. Being verbally abused throughout 6th and 7th grades, she came home in tears on most days.  With a lot of determination, the support of family and a few friends, she was able to overcome this horror. She has begun a bullying prevention committee at her own school  and works to raise awareness for the issue. She hopes to help other children in similar situations, using her crown to enable her to speak from a "rags to riches" approach. Hoping to encourage understanding and inspire change, she believes we can create successful conflict resolution. Krysten looks forward to one day stopping childhood bullies, but for now, she's eager to take it positive word at a time!

Bullying is at an all time high in our country. Whether it's in person or online, It's hurtful and dangerous.

Our hope is that kids and teens will hear Krysten's story and learn how to be kind and compassionate ...towards their peers ... towards everyone.


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