Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

Do You Know?

  • That every two minutes a child is sexually assaulted. 
  • There are often there are NO physical signs of sexual assault. 
  • By staying silent the abuser is protected. 
  • Silence gives permission for the victimization to continue. 
  • That one in four girls and one in six boys are victims of sexual abuse by age 18. 
  • Sexual abuse doesn’t discriminate … it crosses all socio-economic classes and religions 
  • That 50-90% of child sexual assaults are never reported. 
  • In 1998, Health and Human Services reported 108,360 confirmed sexual abuse   cases. 
  • 61% of reported rapes were committed against victims under age 17. 
  • 85% of the time, the child knows and trusts the abuser.

What Is Sexual Abuse?
Sexual abuse is when a child is asked, tricked, or forced by an adult or even a kid who is bigger, stronger, or older, or by a person who has power over him/her to do "secret" non-touching or "secret" touching that involves the child’s private parts, the abuser’s private parts, or the private parts of another person. The child wants to tell, but is told it’s a secret. This is not a fun secret that they are happy about They don’t want to keep the secret ... it’s scary! The child is afraid to tell.

Non-Touching Sexual Abuse
Non-touching is when someone shows a child movies, pictures or Internet sites with pornography – when they expose their private body parts to a child.Non-touching is also when someone asks a child to pose for a picture without their clothes on, or in a sexual way that makes a child feel uncomfortable, or when someone takes a child’s picture while they’re doing something sexual. The abuser could encourage the child to watch or listen to people who are engaging in sexual acts, or could want to watch the child undress or bathe. Sexual harassment is sexual abuse. By teasing a child or causing the child to have uncomfortable feelings about their body or certain clothes, by calling a child bad names. The child might be afraid to tattle, or they might want the abuser to think the harassment doesn’t matter.

Touching Sexual Abuse

Sexual abusive touching is when someone touches a child's private parts -- over or under the child's clothes, or makes the child touch their body. It’s also when an abuser puts any part of their body on or in any part of a child’s body. The abuser could use their fingers, tongue or their private parts. Another form of touching sexual abuse happens when someone puts any foreign object into a child’s body, like soap or the handle of a hairbrush, or crayons. 

Any time anyone is forced to have sexual intercourse, whether the person is an acquaintance or not, even if it happens on a date, it's rape. Rape is when a person says "NO" or, they can't say "NO" because they’ve been taken away, they’re unconscious or drugged. If someone slips adate rape drug into someone’s drink, they won’t know what’s happening, and won’t be able to protect themself or say "NO" to unwanted sexual advances.

If you or someone you know is being sexually abused, tell your parents or
a trusted adult immediately.

If your abuser tells you don't tell anyone or I'll hurt you, or your parents or a sibling ... don't believe it. They ARE lying!You may feel embarrassed, ashamed, and scared ... 
and those are very normal feelings -- however in order for the 
abuse to stop ...

You Must Tell!

It's okay to tell! No one will blame you ... they will only help you!



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