What To Do If You Are A Victim of Violence

What To Do If You Are A Victim of Violence

If you area victim or know someone who is 
... there is help!

If you are a victim of physical violence, sexual abuse, verbal/emotional abuse or bullying – whether it’s in person on online …. It’s okay to tell someone! Don’t be afraid!

Go to a parent, teacher, Friend’s parent, neighbor or other trusted adult.

You have the right to be safe! No one has the right to hurt you in any way … not a parent, relative, boy/girlfriend or anyone else! In turn you have no right to harm anyone else!

You are an awesome and valuable person and should be treated that way …regardless of your age!

If you think you’re alone … you’re not! There is a lot of help out there for you!

No matter what happens … it’s not your fault!

Physical and Sexual Harm
Your body is yours and no one else has the right to touch you unless you decide they can. If someone hits or punches you, or tries to touch you in ways that you don’t like or feel right …SAY NO and TELL SOMEONE!

If you tell someone and they don’t believe you … keep telling as many people as possible until someone does believe you.

Words Hurt 
And if your parents or even friends ….
tell you you’re bad or no good
call you names 
tease you about your weight, clothes, skin color or anything else


If someone is making fun of you or writing bad things about you on web sites or through emails …..this is bullying and cyberbullying and it's not okay!

TELL SOMEONE. Tell your parents or teacher, counselor, or other trusted adult.

No one has the right to make hurtful remarks about you …even if they’re your parents!

You are as valuable as anyone else and deserve to be respected and treated as a valued human being. So don’t let anyone hurt you in any way.

If someone tells you they'll hurt you if you tell -- don't believe it! If Someone hurts you or makes you feel bad ... touches you in ways that are not okay .... You must report it -- it will save you, your self-esteem, your life ... Your future!

Reach Out For Help! It’s there just for you! You can make a report here.

If you can’t go to your parent’s, teacher, counselor or other trusted adult you can write to "Ask Annie & Andy” or contact any of these help resources:

If you need help click here

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