Divorce and Co-Parenting

Divorced Parenting and Keeping Peace

When a couple decides to divorce they can go their separate ways and begin to rebuild their lives. But when their are children involved the stakes are much higher. 

Many divorcing couples are so bitter and angry and they put the kids smack in the middle of the war of the Roses The kids end up being in a tug of war which is painful. Not only is this harmful to the children, but it sets an example of how future adults relationship work. 

When a couple chooses to divorce, it's important to create an amicable and united front for the kids. Too many custody cases result in pain for both parents and most of all for the children. 

Five tips for successful co-parenting: 

  1. Get past the hurt and pain of the divorce and build a new practical relationship that will benefit your child. 
  2. Your child's needs should come first. 
  3. You won’t always agree but respect your ex-spouse’s decisions and parenting style. Don't argue in front of your child. Save those discussions for later. 
  4. Keep in constant, daily communication. There’s a lot of coordination with schedules, school and social activities. Parents must keep the other parent advised at all times. 
  5. Never saying negative things about your ex-spouse to your child or in front of your child. 


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