How Companies Can Help

How Companies Can Help

80 percent of people prefer companies supporting charitable causes. 90 percent of employees take pride in their employer for non-profit efforts. Almost 66 percent of consumers would change brands if a charity tie-in exists. — 1999 Cone/Roper "Cause Related Trends Report"

The Corporate world is one of the most effective places to reach the public with information about protecting children and strengthening families. Communities all over America can benefit from the new and diverse resources that our corporate and business worlds can bring.

The Benefits

  • Positive affiliation with a reputable organization and critical issues 
  • Exposure and recognition via Love Our Children USA's public relations and advertising campaigns 
  • Increased traffic/Increased sales 
  • Increased loyalty from consumers and employees 
  • Ability to make a salient impact on meaningful issues 
  • Prestige/Goodwill in community 
  • Edge over competitors 

As a cause-related marketing partner, your company will receive numerous promotional benefits, including but not limited to: 

  • Recognition and a link with your logo on Love Our Children USA's website
  • Recognition in Love Our Children USA's quarterly newsletter, “The LoveLetter”   (circ: 100,000)
  • Mention in Love Our Children USA's eNewsletter publication (circ: 1,000,000   and growing)
  • Logo placement on print items, outdoor signage, print media, and other   marketing items, where applicable
  • Mention in press releases related to various campaigns and initiatives 

Cause-related marketing partners can promote Keeping Children Safe with Love Our Children USA and increase goodwill with consumers in many ways...

  • Cause-related advertising 
  • Web site link to Keeping Children Safe page 
  • In-store displays and flyer distribution 

Corporate Levels of Participation

Sponsorhips - Sponsor Love Our Children USA's events, programs, publications, etc. 


  • Publications and Web Site: Web promotions and contests, special sections 
  • Special Events: fundraising benefits, donor and volunteer recognition parties,   post-event parties 
  • Speaker Bureaus, Parenting Education Packages, Task Force Groups, and Media Events

In-Kind Donations - Donate your products and/or services to Love Our Children USA


  • Printing
  • Advertising Campaigns and Media Space (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor   Home, Digital)
  • Consumer Products 
  • Professional Services 
  • Prizes and Auction Items 
  • Tickets and Memberships 
  • Space for Events and Programs 
  • Office Supplies 
  • Air Miles

Promotions - Make Love Our Children USA the beneficiary of a sales, marketing or promotional effort


  • Special Events, i.e. Book Signings, Movie Premieres, Concerts 
  • Portion-of-Sales Donations and Proceeds-to-Benefit Programs 
  • Added-Value and Merchandising Programs 
  • Sampling Events 
  • Product Introductions 

How Your Company Can Get Started
Love Our Children USA and your company can work together to create a comprehensive effort that employs one or more CRM strategy. The opportunities are endless for a multi-faceted program that achieves the goals that are important to you. To begin a Cause Related Marketing partnership with Love Our Children USA or to arrange a brainstorming session to see what makes sense for your company, contact 1.888.347.KIDS or Email

Additional Ideas On How You and Your Employees Can Participate

  • Announcing that violence against children is a major corporate commitment through Love Our Children USA, which will be reflected in your company's actions and activities.
  • Including Love Our Children USA's prevention awareness messages in your company's advertising or product packaging, display posters at your place of business, and distributing blue ribbons to employees to wear during Child Abuse Prevention Month every April. 
  • Serving as a leader, supporter, or active participant in Love Our Children USA's national and community-based efforts to stop the cycle that continues to victimize our children. You can recruit other business leaders to serve with you.
  • Working with Love Our Children USA and include parent support programs, child development classes, and stress reduction training through your company's Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Supporting child care programs on your company's premises, distributing Love Our USA's materials and elsewhere in the community by providing funding or in-kind contributions of business products or services.
  • Adopting Love Our Children USA at holiday time or throughout the year and making donations towards stopping the cycle that victimizes children.
  • Encouraging employees to volunteer their time and expertise to Love Our Children USA by offering paid leave for volunteer activities.
  • Encouraging your clients and customers to hold community outreach events and educational meetings and distributing Love Our Children USA's materials 
  • Providing educational information to employees on Love Our Children USA's child protection programs.  Disseminating the information through your company newsletters, Web site, on bulletin boards, in lunch and recreation areas, and in paycheck inserts.
  • Offering "family friendly" work policies including flexible time and flexible workplace options. Inviting a Love Our Children USA specialist to speak at company staff meetings or retreats.
  • Partnering with Love Our Children USA in a corporate marketing/fundraising initiative. 
  • Including Love Our Children USA at the end of your advertising campaigns to educate and create awareness.

  Thank you for your interest in Love Our Children USA!

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