Why Partner With Love Our Children USA

Why Partner With Love Our Children USA

People make things happen. Love Our Children USA focuses on positive change… working to empower and support children, parents and families. 

Children and families are an evolving role in business and society. They are also your customers and your future customers. 

Good corporate citizenship enriches your involvement with children and families and the social issues they deal with because corporations make things happen. 

A partnership of people making things happen is making an investment in children, families and communities. And an increasing number of corporations are making that investment.

Why a Children's Charity?
Children’s issues consistently rank as a top cause with Americans. 

Whether it's developing a pool of employees or protecting market share, the inherent benefits are quickly becoming apparent to many Fortune 500 companies. 

Love Our Children USA works with such companies to participate at the community level by lending their time and resources to partner in creating change. 

As we seek to build additional community relations efforts, strategic partnerships, cause- related marketing initiatives and employee volunteer programs, we are building the benefits of a unified approach to philanthropy, public relations and marketing. As an organization and as individuals, we are proud to be able to make a difference for children. 

A Compelling Cause:

Helping children in need ...Keeping Children Safe 

High Name Recognition:

A Positive Reputation - Love Our 
Children USA has been making a tangible difference. The press, our volunteers, corporate partners, donors, volunteers and celebrities all agree that Love Our Children USA is a reputable, professional, high-impact organization …an organization that makes sense for the New York – for the nation. 

High-Impact Programs:

Across the country our National Love Our Children Day, like Mother's and Father's Day for children is celebrated annually across the  U.S.  to honor children nd strengthen families and raise awareness for efforts to protect children. 

This day was created to acknowledge the value of children and to give them a healthy start by growing up to be healthy, happy and responsible adults. By giving children the three essential elements which are love, protection and respect, we give our children the confidence they need to become strong and fit adults. 


Cause Related Marketing (CRM), defined as a strategic marketing link between a corporation or a product and a social cause, issue, or organization, is used across a range of industries to increase sales, heighten employee and customer loyalty, raise awareness for social issues, and differentiate a commercial entity from its competitors. CRM has had proven benefits for both corporations and their nonprofit partners. 

It works. It's a fact.

According to the 1999 Cone/Roper Cause Related Marketing Trends Report, the authoritative study on CRM, an increasing majority of Americans will reward companies that deal directly with society's social problems: 

  • More than half of those surveyed 5(9%) want companies to get involved in improving the quality of life 
  • 80 percent of people prefer companies supporting charitable causes. 
  • 90 percent of employees take pride in their employer for non-profit efforts. 

CRM is a vital part of doing business in the U. S. today. Thousands of America 's most well-known and respected companies have profited from strategic Cause Related partnerships. You can, too. 

According to 2002 statistics from Cone: More than one in two Americans (58%) planned to purchase a product in which a percentage of the price is donated to a cause. 

  • The same number of Americans reported they had purchased a holiday gift that supported a cause the year before. 
  • Cause initiatives also influence where consumers shop, with more than half of Americans (53%) reporting they planned to buy gifts from retailers that support social issues. 

While more than nine in ten Americans expressed intent to personally support charities and social issues, the same overwhelming majority (91%) said they would like companies to do their part in addressing social needs. The three top activities that Americans would like companies to engage in are: 

  1. Donate goods and/or services to charities 80% 
  2. Donate money to charities 75%
  3. Donate a portion of the sale of their products and/or services to support charities or causes 72% 

A company’s reputation for supporting causes is important well beyond the holiday season. Nearly nine in ten Americans (85%) said they are likely to consider a company’s reputation for addressing social issues when shopping throughout the year. This overwhelming support of companies that stand for more than the bottom-line demonstrates that Americans want companies to make long-term and comprehensive commitments to social issues. 

Love Our Children USA Should Be Your CRM Partner 

Founded in 1999, Love Our Children USA is the leading national nonprofit that honors, respects and protects children. Its mission is 
to break the cycle of violence against children. Love Our Children 
USA has become the go-to prevention organization for all forms of violence and neglect against children in the U.S. It works to eliminate behaviors that keep children from reaching their potential. It redefines parenting by promoting prevention strategies and positive changes in parenting and family attitudes and behaviors through public education. It works to empower and support children, teens, parents and families through information, resources, advocacy, and online youth mentoring. Its goal is to keep children safe and strengthen families -- Its message is positive ... one of prevention and hope. 

Why Love Our Children USA? 

A Positive Message – Love Our Children USA offers parenting information on how to love children for the way we live today. It's a proven fact that loving and nurturing children plays a tremendous role in child development. Love Our Children USA also offers hope to kids and teens, when there is nowhere to turn. 

It works with celebrities who have the unparalleled ability to reach the public and who can communicate our information and goals. Love Our Children USA is a national organization that we hope you will be proud to be affiliated with. 

Positive Programs - Love Our Children USA’s key programs are:

  • Public Education
  • Community Outreach and Awareness
  • National Love Our Children Day 
  • Information and Resources for Parents, Families, Children and    Teens
  • The Youth For Youth Partnership - an online Peer Mentoring    Program for Youth 
  • The Darko Rapotez Memorial College Scholarship Fund For    Abandoned Youth
  • The National District Attorney's Child Protection Task Force
  • Youth Safety Programs
  • Advocacy

Through positive national and local education and awareness campaigns, Love Our Children USA raises a national consciousness and developing best practices among parents, families, child caretakers, and all adults – even our children. It focuses on the attitudes and behaviors that need to be changed and advances the vision for keeping children safe ... creating healthy and happy children and strengthened families! 

There is something for every company to identify with, care about and support. Plus Love Our Children USA's public relations and advertising campaigns provide opportunities for your CRM effort to receive media coverage and public exposure. 

Positive People - Love Our Children USA’s volunteers and supporters are your customers and prospects. A relationship with Love Our Children USA is a relationship with more influential Americans - nationwide. 

A Positive Place - Love Our Children USA’s programs make a difference where you, your customers, and your employees live and work – in the USA . Your partnership with Love Our Children USA will give something back to your community and result in recognition for your company in a unique and effective way. 

Positive Staff - Love Our Children USA’s team has experience developing and implementing effective CRM programs with a diverse group of companies from CBS to Teddy Ruxpin, Lord & Taylor, Con Edison, and many more. And we have the creative ideas and opportunities to make your program a success. 

A Positive Time - In today's marketplace, companies must be involved in CRM efforts to stay competitive. Love Our Children USA works with you to maximize this important business tool–and we can begin today. 

Every corporate partnership is unique, yet many include some or all of the following: 

Direct Donations: 

Companies can make contributions for any amount to a support our mission or a specific program, country, or campaign. 

Consumer Donations: 

Retailers can enable their customers to add a contribution to their purchases. When merchandised at point-of-sale and throughout the organization, these programs successfully generate customer and employee goodwill. 

Cause-Related Marketing:

Make Love Our Children USA the beneficiary of a sales, marketing or promotional effort .With cause-related marketing, a percentage of a company’s product revenues are donated to Love Our Children USA, allowing the company to use our trademark and logo to promote 'Keeping Children Safe' and the affiliation with Love Our Children USA.

  • Special Events 
  • Portion-of-Sales Donations and Proceeds-to-Benefit Programs 
  • Added-Value and Merchandising Programs 
  • Sampling Events 
  • Product Introductions 




Through multiple annual sponsorships companies demonstrate their commitment to children in a cost-effective and meaningful way. Sponsor Love Our Children USA ’s events, programs, publications, etc. 

.Publications and Web Site: Web
 promotions, contests and special sections
.Special Events: fundraising benefits,  donor and volunteer recognition parties,  post-event parties
.Speaker Bureaus, Parenting Education  Packages, Task Force Groups, and  Media Events

In Kind Donations: 

Donate your products and/or services to Love Our Children USA 


  • Printing 
  • Advertising and Media Space (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor Home, Digital) 
  • Consumer Products 
  • Professional Services 
  • Prizes and Auction Items 
  • Tickets and Memberships 
  • Space for Events and Programs 
  • Office Supplies 
  • Air and Travel Miles 

Employee Involvement:

Through sponsorship, volunteer events, matching gifts or payroll deductions, children benefit from education, information and resources, community outreach, youth safety programs, scholarships and mentoring. At 
the same time, company public relations, and employee/employer relations are greatly enhanced. 

Foundation Support:

Corporate foundations represent a significant source of support. Companies may donate funds or services to Love Our Children USA through their foundation.

What Are The Benefits? 

  • Positive affiliation with a reputable organization 
  • Exposure and recognition via Love Our Children USA’s public relations and advertising campaigns
  • Increased traffic/Increased sales 
  • Increased loyalty from consumers and employees
  • Access to Love Our Children USA’s volunteers and supporters – a valuable audience
  • Ability to make a salient impact on meaningful issues – Prestige/Goodwill in community 
  • Edge over competitors 


Love Our Children USA and your company can work together to create a comprehensive effort that employs one or more CRM strategy. The opportunities are endless for a multi-faceted program that achieves the goals that are important to you. 

Successful corporate partnerships include: strong internal support, clear business strategies, effective use of company systems, objectives that engage consumers and employees alike, and the internal and external communication of their cause initiatives 

To begin a Keeping Children Safe Cause Related Marketing partnership with Love Our Children USA or to arrange a brainstorming session to see what makes sense for your company, contact Love Our Children USA. 

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