Kids and Teen Online Safety

Kids and Teen Online Safety


Every day 1 out of 7 kids and teens are approached online by predators

When online there are so many things to do, to learn, to see … and of course you want to make new friends. With these experiences, it’s important to think safely.

Some sites are just not appropriate for teenagers and others, while they may seem innocent – could cause you a lot of trouble (i.e. chatrooms, social networking sites, etc.)

If you think that nothing can happen to you online, that it only happens to other kids, or that adults exaggerate… Think Again!

The internet is an awesome place, and it’s also a place with dangerous people who if given the chance, would not think twice about harming you. Added to that are kids (maybe even in your school) who are mean and want to bully you online. That is the reality – sadly.

Yet, if you learn about Internet safety and how to act responsibly online, you can stay safe!

Your Privacy Is Important

While having your own personal Web site, journals and blogs are easier than ever, sharing personal information and activities can make you an easy target to dangerous strangers online.

So sharing your real name, address, phone, cell #, parent’s and siblings’ names is definitely not a cool thing to do and could be really dangerous.

Do You Know The Danger Signs Of A Predator?

  • Someone older (often much older) who spends hours chatting with you online 
  • Requests for personal information 
  • Someone who lies … especially about being younger 
  • Someone asks you about sex or who suggests anything sexual 
  • Someone trying to drive a wedge between you and their family 
  • Offers of jobs, money, and gifts that are too good to be true 
  • Offers of pornography or requests for suggestive pictures
  • Anyone who threatens you 
  • Offers of travel all over the world


If you recognize any of these danger signs, it’s important to:

  • Say goodbye and sign off immediately 
  • Don’t delete anything in your computer. It can be used to catch   the predator. 
  • Tell your parents. While you might be afraid to do this, or   afraid you’ll get into trouble, your parents are there to help   you. 
  • Give your parents all of the details.

By not giving out any personal information and not responding to the danger sign questions they ask, you can remain safe.

If you use a webcam, do not use it in chatrooms! Predators Love to use kids photos on inappropriate adult sites. If they have your photo and personal information and post it on these Adult sites, not only can you be in great danger … but when you apply to colleges and for jobs after college, information has a way of being found and could ruin your future FOREVER!

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